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What does Metadox represent?

Metadox was created out of passion and pure love for video gaming. Its chief architects are avid gamers and understand the needs and wants of their peers, pros and amateurs alike. The aim is to create the most practical and comfortable gaming accessories and environment while respecting the needs of your friends and family.

As for the root words, ‘Meta’ in a gaming context means beyond the best and in those clutch moments of a game it is often referred to as the "Most Effective Tactic Available". ‘Dox’ implies a belief or idea which inherently centers around utilizing the best tools at your disposal to help you continuously improve and become the very best.

With the introduction of our sleek gaming mask, The PHASMA stays true to the philosophy of Metadox by providing you with unparallelled voice isolation to complement your gaming style, boost your ranking and get that victory you and your team deserve.

Our Values

Multiplayer games need you to be immersed ‘in the game’ as much as possible. We provide you with that ability to be in touch with your team without compromising the shared environment of your home. You can collaborate with your teammates during gameplay while still being considerate of your friends and family. 

Our passion is to video games and gamers alike, and it is our responsibility to provide you with the most seamless gaming experience imaginable. As avid gamers ourselves we understand what you require to level up, and we strive to support and drive your gaming ambition to boss level. 

You need a mask that will never become uncomfortable during those long multiplayer gaming sessions late into the night. That’s why we don’t compromise on the quality of the materials for our masks. 


Andrés Bellés

Andrés is the founder of Metadox and since childhood had a love and passion for video games. It started with the N64 and PC and he played for many years with his friends. From Mario to shot'em ups - any games were fun and interesting for him.

Andrés is a skilled mechanical engineer with 10+ years of experience and loves building devices and analyzing them. He is a passionate maker that enjoys new challenges.

Carles Tarazona

Carles worked as Production Manager in a Design Company that manufactures porcelain tiles, countertops and other related products. Carles studied mechanical engineering, designs and manufacturing but always enjoyed video games.

His favorite video game is Age of Empires 2, but he also enjoys playing Overwatch. He also enjoys working as a basketball coach and helping kids and teenagers improve their game.

Choon H. Lee

Choon has more than 20 years of marketing and brand development experience under his belt. When he was younger, Choon was heavily involved in coding and was involved in early game development on early PCs and Macs from where he derives his interest for video games.

Choon has been involved in brand development projects of several video games and video game organizers and loves bringing products to the market.

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