Enhanced Features OMBRA v2: Microphone Compatibility

Enhanced Features OMBRA v2: Microphone Compatibility

Discover the latest advancements in gaming technology with the OMBRA v2 Gaming Soundproof Mask. With the v2 we've integrated cutting-edge features to elevate your gaming experience.

v2? Since last month we are shipping an upgraded version of the OMBRA with injected molded parts, earphones, and a few more. In this post we want to highlight some points about the microphone:

Enhanced Clear Communication: the mask features a built-in microphone or it can be used with your own headset flexible mic. The improved built-in microphone specifically adapted for use inside the mask, modifying the deep sound because of the enclosed space. This ensures clear communication even in intense gaming sessions.

The built-in mic is magnetically attached to the mask microphone port. It can be plugged directly to your headset if you have the option, or to an audio cable (included). Don't forget to choose the correct mic side for your headset ;)

Improved Headset Compatibility: The mask is compatible with your own headset, allowing you to use a flexible mic for greater convenience and versatility. This enhancement ensures seamless integration with the headset you love, delivering a superior audio experience.

The headset mic just needs to be flexible so that it can be introduced into the detachable box, as shown in the picture:

Magnetic connection upgrade: In the past, the magnetic connection in the microphone port was a bit too weak. Now it is upgraded with more powerful magnets in the microphone port to prevent disconnections and ensure easy setup and secure attachment.

Earphones included: We know that some of you like to use earbuds when playing. The mask now includes good quality cabled earphones ready to use with the mask. A splitter and audio extension cable is also included in the package.



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