Pre-Order Updates and OMBRA's Arrival on Amazon USA!

Shipping Update

For those who pre-ordered in the last months, your OMBRA shipments are en route, or maybe you already got them! We appreciate your patience and support 🙌🏻

We're also excited to announce that the OMBRA Gaming Soundproof Mask is now available on Amazon USA! We are expanding our availability to make it easier for you to access our innovative product.

Limited stock is available on Amazon USA, but more is coming! Please note that variations with the microphone on the left are currently sold out, but we expect more stock to be received by Amazon in early June.

Are you from another country? For purchases made via our website starting in May, shipments will also begin in June with our next production batch.

Continued Availability on Kibidango in Japan

Although the crowdfunding campaign has concluded, you can still purchase the OMBRA through Kibidango. Kibidango continues to connect us with enthusiasts like you who seek innovative cutting-edge products. Check out other products available!

We plan to come up with a lot more news in the coming months, so stay tuned ;)




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