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Improved PHASMA Mic (included in sold masks since April 2023)

Improved PHASMA Mic (included in sold masks since April 2023)

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We're excited to unveil the latest upgrade to our PHASMA microphone (*this microphone has been integrated into the PHASMA shipped since April 2023).

Thanks to your valuable feedback, we've made significant improvements to ensure a better user experience.

Now you can:
  • Experience clearer audio even while wearing the PHASMA, no more muffled sounds (mic is adjusted to amplify high frequencies and reduce lower ones) and,
  • Enjoy hassle-free volume calibration for the right volume and,
  • We also recommend enhancing your experience with Krisp, an AI-based noise reduction tool (free for 90 mins per day and free integration with no time limit on Discord), effectively minimizing breathing noise.

From left to right, the three mic evolutions

You can upgrade to the new microphone for just a single shipping fee, worldwide shipping

Watch this video to experience the difference firsthand:

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