Soundproof Tests of the OMBRA

Many of you have asked for materials showing how well the sound dampening of our masks is. The subjective feeling is easy to demonstrate it on videos, but here you have! We are being transparent showing the detailed measurements.

The first test shows how much the OMBRA dampens the voice. In the following plot you can see the dB levels without (red line) and with the mask (green line).

Each of the lines is the average of three measurements, in which a has repeated the number from one to five with a raised voice. As reference, normal conversations are about 60-70 dB, raised voice 70-80 dB, and when screaming 80-90 dB.

The next chart shows the difference between the two. Starting from mid frequencies, the mask can dampen the voice significantly, from 20dB to 30dB. Low frequencies are harder to dampen, although they are less disturbing, like the quiet buzz of a PC's cooling fan.

For the most disturbing tones, where most of people’s conversations fall in, the dampening effect is more than enough to not be a nuisance. We could compare it with the gliding sounds of a mouse across a mouse pad.

If you want to see directly hear a reproduction of that test and more, check the following video. In the video the soundproof performance of the mask is demonstrated as well as the sound quality of the microphone.

These tests have been done with an advanced prototype of the OMBRA! Other aspects like the comfort and shape of the mask are satisfactory so we can say that things go according to plan. The OMBRA is ready for production and for the October launch! 

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