Simplified Sizing and OMBRA Production Status

Simplified Sizing

In the past, the large size (L) of the PHASMA was usually too large for most people who ordered it. Also, given the option on the mic port side, we needed to simplify the number of variations we produce. For these reasons, the sizing has changed to two options: S/M or M/L.

This makes the selection simpler and it seems that two sizes cover well enough many different faces :) Since the OMBRA does not cover the nose the shape is simpler and adapts better to the faces.

Regarding existing pre-orders with the previous sizing (S-M-L), we will contact you to clarify which size you prefer, S/M or M/L, in case you chose the size M.


OMBRA Production Status

For the first production batch, all components are ready and we are waiting only for the foam cushion to be delivered and we will start assembling, planned for the next 2-3 weeks. Shipping is expected to happen in the last week of October. 

Next batch is planned for December; pre-orders are open now! Until the end of September there is a 15% discount so if you hurry up, you can still enjoy it. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! There are some features of the mask that can be explained better on the website, which we are looking to update soon with more details and pictures.

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