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How can I get the PHASMA mask?

The PHASMA is now available in our online store! Just go to the "Store" in the menu.

Does it ship internationally? 

Yes. Available everywhere around the world!

How much is the shipping?

No extra cost for shipping. It doesn't matter where you live. If your country is not available on the order checkout list, please let us know.

Can I return it?

Due to hygienic reasons the product is not returnable and all sales are final.

How well does it dampen sound?

Tests show up to 20 dB muffling depending on the frequencies. Sound dampening works better at higher frequencies, which are the ones that disturb the most. 

How hot does it get while using it?

While it gets warmer, the temperature is comfortable. The thermal layer distributes the heat over the whole mask and the fresh air coming inside helps refreshing. Although it is recommended to put it off for a moment every 15 to 20 minutes, the feeling of comfort is maintained up to one hour wearing it.

Does it seal well around the headset and face?

The sealing works very well while being comfortable. Made of memory foam in the inside, is one of the most important characteristics of the mask. Masks with seals made of silicone, like medical breathing masks or snorkel masks, require high pressure to seal. That is not the case with our memory foam seal, which with a little bit of pressure is enough to seal the sound. Besides, the multiple sizes help to adapt to each face.

What materials is made of?

Polyester fabrics with sealed seams Long lasting because of great strength and toughness. Cleanable and odorless because of waterproof properties. Polyester is a good long lasting material with great strength and toughness. At the same time being flexible makes the mask adapt better to the face. Polyester fabrics are waterproof and together with the sealed seams accomplish that no water or odor comes inside the mask, making it easier to clean and to not stink. It is used for both exterior and interior layers of the mask.

Memory foam Creates comfort being adjustable to the face while being airtight memory foam is used inside the face sealing like many headsets have. Usual foam recovers instantly the shape, but memory foam has a viscoelastic effect much more comfortable, also like some bed mattresses.

High comfort synthetic leather (also called PU leather or artificial leather) Comfortable feeling for the skin the pu leather covers the memory foam and adjusts tightly to the face medical grade low shore silicone (inside mask layer) great soundproof properties while not dangerous for the body. Light, no heavy materials for soundproofing silicone is a great acoustic material for sound absorption and sound dampening, The softer the better, as the lower acoustic frequencies are the more difficult to muffle. Medical grade makes a good quality one and innocuous for the body (it is literally the same silicone is used for some implants like breast implants).

Soundproofing foam Best sound dampening with great soundproofing properties used in special holes to isolate sound adjusting the parts, like in the microphone port medical grade medium shore silicone (used in the valves) easy breathing with perfect flexibility properties and excellent durability. Not dangerous for the body same material as valves from medical breathing masks. Medical breathing masks are used from 6 to 12 months, everyday, and the valve is practically as the first day after it.

ABS plastic frames Excellent finish through precise dimensions and tolerances, with good strength and great durability. There are frames for the face seal, for the microphone port, for the valves. The double frame in the seal makes the seal detachable.

Magnets Easy usability and adjustment. There are magnets for the neck laces and for the head upper lace (this second is optional).

How do I know which size is best for me?

To find out which size is best, measure from the tip of the nose to the back of the head and go around again. If the distance is below 58 cm, size S is the best fit. If it is between 58 and 74 cm, M is your size, and if it is above, L is the best option.