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OMBRA - Soundproof Mask

OMBRA - Soundproof Mask

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Microphone port side
How do I know which size is best for me?

We are thrilled to offer a pre-order opportunity for the much-anticipated OMBRA mask! The OMBRA is produced in batches to facilitate production and also get minor improvements in each shipping round. 

We value the feedback from our curstomers! You won't just be buying a product, but also joining us in our journey towards creating a game-changing accessory!

Our inventory has no stock. The next production run will be in March, so if you order now:
  • Pre-order now! Shipping in April 2024

The OMBRA combines unparalleled comfort, superior compatibility, and unmatched soundproof technology, offering you a truly immersive gaming experience.

Please note that sales are final and returns are not possible. However, you can cancel your order with a full refund anytime until the mask is shipped. 

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  • Mask

    The mask in the chosen size and mic port side
  • Neck strap

    Adjustable and easy to put on
  • Head strap

    Adjustable, quick to wear on and off
  • Integrated mic

    High quality mic tuned for being used in the mask. Fixed with magnets
  • Box for headset mic

    Box to use the flexible mic of your own headset. Fixed with magnets
  • Audio cable and splitter

    In case you cannot plug the mic directly to your headset. 2 meters, 4-pole
  • Fabrics shield

    To pick up humidity and odors inside the mask. Washable
  • Bag with logo

    To keep all this together
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Tech Specs


  • 10-15 dB at low frequencies
  • 20dB to 30dB at mid and high frequencies.

Check this article for details


  • Polyester fabric: 60%
  • Memory foam:16%
  • Polyurethane leather: 4%
  • ABS: 12%
  • PLA: 2%
  • Medical grade silicone: 1%
  • Others (mic, cable...): 5%


  • Frequency range: 35-18 kHz
  • Microphone Sensitivity: -59 dB ± 3 dB (adapted to mask)
  • Signal-to-noise: 74 dB (adapted to mask)
  • Mic length: 225 mm (8.9'')
  • Extension cable: 2.0 m (6.6 feet)
  • Connectivity: 3.5 mm male jack
  • Compatibility: Devices with 3.5mm audio input (headsets, PC...)
  • Noise Cancellation: None (software noise suppression is recommended, like Krisp in Discord)
  • Wireless: None


  • Weight S/M size: ~265 gr. (9.4 oz)
  • Weight M/L size: ~280 gr. (9.8 oz)


Do you have questions? Check the FAQ or get in touch. We will be happy to answer you.