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Inspired by the pure love for video gaming, Metadox presents the PHASMA, a comfortable, easy to breathe through soundproof mask that allows you to play games anywhere, anytime.

The PHASMA isolates and dampens your voice to respect your family and housemates, while still being crystal clear for your team. 


Play anytime, anywhere


Play for hours. You won't even notice that you're wearing a mask.


Why whisper when you could scream as much as you want? Your family and housemates can still sleep soundly next door.


Fully adjustable. Because there's no one-size-fits-all


Made for gamers

The PHASMA was made by gamers for gamers. We understand which features you need from a gaming mask.


Comfortable to wear for hours
Memory foam seal

The PHASMA is designed to be worn for hours. It won't start to pinch or irritate your sensible skin. Nobody will know you've been deep in the trenches of your game for the last few hours.

Easy breathing

When your heart rate shoots up during gameplay, you need to be able to breathe freely and keep a clear head. The PHASMA won't restrict your breathing or get too hot thanks to the in-built medical grade silicone valves.

Adjustable system

You already know one mask doesn't fit all. The PHASMA has an adjustable system so you can fit it to your desired level of tightness and comfort.


Voice dampening

The PHASMA reduces the volume of your voice by 20dB. You could yell into your mask and your flatmates or partner could still sleep soundly next door.


Compatible with your headset

We know that your headset micro is great. Use your own headset flexible micro or the integrated one in the mask.



Thanks to the waterproof textiles and the detachable system you can clean your mask easily. 


For team players

Respect your virtual and real-life team (aka your family and housemates).

See the features

See how it works

Born by necessity

I just gave up and stay silenced in nights, but this project gave me hope. Btw case is almost gone to the levels of fighting, so im desperate for such a solution...

I'm very hyped for this project and having great issues with my neighboor, apparently, our "building" have very bad sound proofing and even when I "normal" talk, they seem to "not be able sleep"...

i have a 1 year old child and iv only been able to play single player games at night due to waking her up i think your on to a winner with this product if it works well

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enable gamers to play any game any time without disturbing their friends and families by providing a comfortable, yet soundproof mask.

Any questions?

If you still have questions check the FAQ or contact us. We are glad to answer.

Available on Indiegogo!

The PHASMA is available on Indiegogo. Pre-order your PHASMA now!

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