Remember the passionate moments when playing video games with your team-mates where the game got so exciting you couldn’t tone down your voice? Have you been told repeatedly to lower your voice and people in your home giving you a hard time?

The PHASMA isolates and dampens your voice so that the volume of your voice doesn’t become a nuisance to people in your household. At the same time PHASMA ensures that team members of your favorite video game can hear you loud and clear.

Made for gamers

The PHASMA is made by gamers for gamers. We understand which features you need from a gaming mask.

Voice dampening

The PHASMA reduces the volume of your voice by 20dB. You could yell into your mask and your flatmates or partner could still sleep soundly next door.

For team players

Respect your virtual and real-life team (aka your family and housemates).

  • Memory foam seal

    The PHASMA is designed to be worn for hours. It won't start to pinch or irritate your sensible skin. Nobody will know you've been deep in the trenches of your game for the last few hours.

  • Easy breathing

    When your heart rate shoots up during gameplay, you need to be able to breathe freely and keep a clear head. The PHASMA won't restrict your breathing or get too hot thanks to the in-built medical grade silicone valves.

  • Adjustable system

    You already know one mask doesn't fit all. The PHASMA has an adjustable system so you can fit it to your desired level of tightness and comfort.

Compatible with your headset

We know that your headset micro is great. Use your own headset flexible micro or the integrated one in the mask.

  • Multiple colors for the seams

  • All black option


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