b8ta stores & OMBRA shipping status

The OMBRA in the Tokyo b8ta stores!

If you happen to be in Tokyo you can check the OMBRA at b8ta now!

b8ta stores are innovative retail spaces designed to allow customers to discover and experience the latest tech and lifestyle products. These stores stand out for their hands-on approach, enabling the interaction with cutting-edge products.

Until mid-January the OMBRA is being showcased at the b8ta locations of Yukaracho and Shibuya. We definitely recommend to visit the stores and discover a bunch of innovative, amazing, and crazy products.

Shipping status: Second wave unleashed

All the 1st orders batch (originally shipping in October...) and many of the 2nd batch (originally shipping in December) are shipped. If you are among them, you should have received a message with the tracking link.

For those from the 2nd batch eagerly awaiting, your turn is just around the corner. The rest of 2nd batch orders will be shipped on the 29th of December and will arrive at the beginning of January. If you haven't received a tracking link yet, you are in this group.

Further orders up to the #2490 will be shipped in mid January!

Feedback and Review

As we are going through this exciting phase, we're eager to hear from you!

Whether it's a shoutout to OMBRA's innovation, a suggestion for improvement, or even criticism – we want to know it all. If you're feeling particularly expressive and want to hit reply to this email, we'd love that too!

Being a startup, your feedback is important to continue improving and to spread the word. The OMBRA is not yet well known and interested gamers are looking for reviews...




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