Expanding Distribution: Kibidango in Japan, Amazon Coming Soon

Up until now, our products have been shipped internationally from Austria, and we've operated on a build-to-order basis. We understand the eagerness for faster delivery and easier access, that's why we're expanding our distribution through local partners.

We have partnered with Kibidango in Japan, marking our first distribution collaboration. Kibidango is an awesome platform known for supporting innovative products and connecting them with passionate consumers. It now features the OMBRA Soundproof Mask.

Discussions are ongoing with potential partners in other countries. We're also working towards making our products available on Amazon soon. The target is for the OMBRA to be available on Amazon US around May-June. This move will ensure that our masks are always in stock on Amazon marketplaces.

We're dedicated to enhancing availability and convenience for you worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates on this front!




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